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The CCC Kid's Club is a partnership between Children's Bible Ministries and the Community Christian Council. Kids from ages 3-12 eat at the CCC with their families, and then come into the adjoining room for a time of fun! We have a theme each week. You might find us having a play-dough night, playing board games, doing a craft, or even making slime. On evenings when the CCC hands out produce, we have a cooking night and the kids get to taste their own cooking of fresh vegetables. The purpose of the Kid's Club is mentorship for kids, positive friendships and social interactions, learning experiences, and, most importantly, to share God's love with the kids. Each child will spend a few minutes of their time in the club with a mentor going over a personalized Bible lesson. Once the child completes 12 lessons (this takes several months) he or she will earn a free week of summer camp with the Children's Bible Ministries.


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Grover is so scared because there is a monster at the end of this book! So Grover will do anything he can to keep you from turning the page.


The ants go marching from one to ten in this rollicking counting song.

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