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Latest COVID-19 Policies, Procedures and Hours


1. Closed on Mondays until further notice.

2. We will no longer be providing hot meals on Thursday.

3. Food distribution only on Thursdays from 5 pm till 7 pm.

4. Recipients can now receive food each week.

5. ALL VEHICLES LINE UP AT RAYFORD ROBERTS MEMORIAL BALLPARK (See Map) to register. Do not drive to Community Christian Council location. 


6. From the ball field turn right then take immediate left onto Cedartown Avenue leading back to the CCC.

7. All items received will be placed in the trunk, hatch or truck bed of your vehicle. If this space is not prepared prior to receiving items, you will be asked to move from the line to make space then get back in line. No exceptions. This is for your protection as well as the protection of our volunteers.

8. Please have your trunk or hatch already open.

9. Please keep your windows up at all times while in line at the ball field and when receiving your food items. When registering at the ball field have your ID ready to press against your window for a photo.

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